Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Viking invasion brings chilly times for Kongs


You can’t beat a bit of Donkey Kong. This time the Nintendo icon is fighting Viking animals known as Snomads as they try to take over his island paradise. With them comes an icy wind that turns Donkey Kong Island into the titular topical freeze. That’s your cue to fight for your home, defeating all in your path. Tropical Freeze sticks largely to the formula but adds two more playable characters: Dixie, who can use her spinning ponytail to propel herself through the air; and Cranky Kong, who is armed with a cane that allows him to bounce higher and defeat enemies. The basics are the same: jump, duck, move fast, try to pick up the bonus items. And try not to lose a life along the way. That’s where Diddy, Dixie and Cranky come in handy, sort of a get out of jail free card. Levels get increasingly tougher as you progress, giving you an extra challenge. Frustrating at times, but always fun.