Cham Cham

A cute and challenging app game

Cham Cham
    
Publisher: Deemedya
Reviewed On: iPhone
Cert: 4
Available On: iPad,iPhone

Similar to Cut the Rope and Baby Nom Nom, Cham Cham asks you to manipulate an environment to feed a cute avatar. In this case, you’re getting fruit to a chameleon’s mouth: Push the ground up, create hills, build momentum and make the fruit roll. Sometimes canons appear which the fruit falls into and can be fired towards Cham Cham. There are also little vortexes which teleport the fruit to other parts of the screen. It moves at your own pace, the presentation is appealing, with bright primary colours and gentle music, and puzzles are tricky but fair. Plus, the eponymous hero changes colour according to how the game is going, cementing his status as the most adorable member of the reptile family. It’s free to play, with ads between levels which are easy to live with. Hints in every level are helpful, but be warned; consulting them may result in temporary feelings of mild shame!

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