Bringing intelligent systems to small businesses

AIB Start-up Academy finalist: Topper Technology

Jenny Reynolds’s light bulb moment came when she realised that her friends with small businesses could not afford the intelligent systems she used in the corporate world. After one friend joked, “Will you sort that out for me?” Reynolds did just that.

Even though she is a director of Honda Ireland, Reynolds has been running Topper Technologies part-time for the past couple of years. Having admired the capabilities of intelligent systems she used during her corporate career she knew exactly what was required.

“What I wanted to do was make an app which had all of the system technology in it for free, so that they could use the state-of-the-art features without having the overheads. They just have a transaction fee every time they want to get a payment through.”

Aside from having a payment system, the app also has customer relations management, appointment technology and event technology. Still in the pre-launch stage, it has 20 active customers and their vital feedback has helped Reynolds to improve the app.

“I have constantly gone back to market to make sure that we have the perfect product, every time I built a new feature I went straight out to the customer. We only have an iPhone app at the moment and we have Android on the way. We are planning a launch in July or August with an all bells and whistles Topper version.”