Angry Chef debunks ‘clean’ eating movement

Weblog: Scientist turned chef likes his food and loves to debunk lifestyle blogger myths


If you have ever wondered why the “clean eating” movement runs screaming at the mention of processed foods when almost every food goes through some process (eg applying heat, preserving in vinegar), then you will like this blog.

This is especially applicable if you roll your eyes when lifestyle bloggers rave about coconut palm sugar while declaring white sugar poison; they have the same proportion of calories and carbohydrates, the difference being a lower glycaemic index (GI).

The Angry Chef’s mission is “exposing lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food” and boy does he do this with gusto. This former scientist turned professional chef likes his food and loves to debunk lifestyle bloggers packaging up pseudoscientific hokum with a dash of guilt as healthy eating advice.

As an Irish person, I particularly enjoyed his scientifically accurate rant on the nutritional and culinary joys of potatoes while laying waste to the alkaline and paleo diet. You need this blog in your life: it is scientifically sound nutritional advice delivered in a sometimes sweary but funny package.