A mug for the couch potato in your life

Tech Tools: The Lazy Mug eliminates the taxing task of having to stir a drink

The Lazy Mug  
€20 (plus fees)

How lazy do you have to be to own the Lazy Mug? Quite lazy, it seems. Built for sloths and couch potatoes who love the idea of a cup of tea or coffee, but the thought of moving is just too much, the Lazy Mug takes over the most basic of tea-making tasks: stirring.

The cup holds 400ml of liquid, and when you push the button on the handle, it will leap into action, stirring your drink for you. It is powered by two AA batteries, which you’ll have to source yourself by the way.

Other things on the DIY list are removing the teabag, putting the sugar into the drink and washing it out once you are done.

And if you aren’t a tea or coffee drinker? You can use it to make your cup-a-soup or mix up some MiWadi.