InterTradeIreland to invest €11 million in cross-Border projects


InterTradeIreland has announced plans to invest €11 million in 135 cross-Border technology transfer projects.

The agency, which is responsible for fostering cross-Border trade, said the investment would be channelled into its all-island technology transfer programme called Fusion.

This is designed to enable science, engineering and technology graduates to gain access to industry skills.

InterTradeIreland is encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to benefit from the increased revenue and access to innovation Fusion offers.

Fusion provides support to SMEs to employ science, engineering and technology graduates for a 12- to 18-month period to create and develop technologically innovative and commercially viable projects and services.

The graduate benefits by gaining management experience and a fully funded postgraduate diploma in business and management.

More than 450 companies have participated in Fusion, with about 85 per cent of graduates offered long-term employment with their host companies.

“We are encouraging SMEs to participate in the Fusion programme, to improve their productivity, increase their revenue potential and to create real jobs for graduates,” said Thomas Hunter McGowan, chief executive of InterTradeIreland.