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Mon, Apr 28, 2014, 01:00


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Alan Lyons

Management Briefs

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The author is an Irish-based business psychologist who works internationally as a leadership coach. The book’s purpose is to help managers achieve change.

It looks at the approaches people have to change and looks at the impact these can have, and goes on to look at differences between a “problem view” and a “solution view”, and the business case for developing the latter.

The main section of the book provides a sequentially designed framework for implementing a model of change that the author calls the “solution turbine”. This model is designed to enhance mental toughness and resilience which the author notes are useful in dealing with uncertainty and adversity.

Change is possible because scientific studies have shown that our brains are plastic and adaptable and not hardwired. We can activate and develop new neural pathways which enable us to function better at a solution-focused and emotional level. Moreover, certain beliefs that you hold about your mind’s capacity for growth can influence dramatically your ability to realise your full potential.

According to the author, contrary to popular opinion, people are not resistant to change. However, they often do not respond well to forced change that they do not feel meaningfully involved in.