Motor dealer owes Revenue €11.7m in one of largest ever settlements

List of tax defaulters also shows settlements made by Cork sailor as well as top oncologist

A motor vehicle dealer has been hit with a tax bill of more than €11.7 million following an investigation by the Revenue Commissioners in what is one of the largest settlements of its kind.

Details of the case are contained within Revenue’s latest list of tax defaulters which covers the period from January 1st to March 31st. There were 30 settlements made with Revenue during that period, totalling €21,371,188. Three settlements were in excess of €1 million.

The largest settlement concerned James Joseph Daly, a motor vehicle dealer trading as Any Gear with an address at 13 Grays Meadow, Cloghan, Co Offaly, which amounted to more than half the total value of all settlements during the period.

Mr Daly was the subject of a Revenue investigation for the non-declaration of income tax and VAT. He was ordered to pay €4.75 million in taxes, €2.5 million in interest and €4.75 million in penalties. Revenue said the entire €11.7million remained unpaid as of March 31st.


Separately, medical consultant Ray Sean McDermott, with an address at 12 Beacon Consultants Clinic, Sandyford, Dublin 18, made a settlement of just over €1 million following a revenue audit that uncovered under-declaration of income tax.

Dr McDermott, who is one of the State’s top oncologists, was ordered to pay €593,644 in taxes, €301,172 in interest, and €171,037 in penalties. Some €523,923 of the settlement remained unpaid as of March 31st.

Dr McDermott is vice-chairman of the Irish Clinical Oncology Research Group. He is also the principal investigator for Ireland in the Eastern Co-Operative Group, which is described by Beacon Consultants Clinic as “the largest clinical trials group in the USA with over 70 active studies”.

In addition, a medical services provider called Dr Ray McDermott Unlimited, which shares the same address at 12 Beacon Consultants Clinic in Sandyford, made a settlement totalling €393,433.

Following a Revenue audit for non-declaration of PAYE, PRSI, and USC, the company was ordered to pay tax of €188,432, interest of €148,472.01, and penalties of €56,529. A total of €88,691 remained unpaid as of March 31st.

Also listed was sailor and boat yard operator, George Radley, with an address at the Brake, Lake Road, Cobh, Co Cork.

He made a settlement of €304,527 with Revenue following an investigation into the under-declaration of income tax. He was ordered to pay €106,800 in taxes, €117,627 in interest, and €80,100 in penalties. The full amount has been paid.

Elsewhere, Ohshima Ireland, a sheet metal firm with an address at 9 Woodford Court, Woodford Business Park, Santry, Dublin 9, made a settlement of more than €4 million following an audit for under-declaration of corporation tax, PAYE, PRSI, USC, and VAT.

The company, which has a manufacturing facility in Shannon, Co Clare, and employs 290 people in Ireland, was ordered to pay €2,516,643 in tax, €737,100 in interest, as well as penalties of €748,957. The full amount has been paid by the company.

On the defaulter list in total, 16 settlements were for amounts exceeding €100,000, of which five exceeded €500,000. There are 10 cases in which the settlement had not been fully paid as at March 31st, totalling €13.8 million.

Colin Gleeson

Colin Gleeson

Colin Gleeson is an Irish Times reporter