‘Davos with jokes’ goes head to head with ‘Davos for geeks’

Arab Springs and Ireland’s new housing bubble to be discussed at Kilkenomics

The Web Summit has been called “Davos for geeks”, but Kilkenomics is the “Davos with jokes”. The event returns for a fifth year this year, bringing together economists and comedians to remove the jargon from economic and political debate.

Arab Springs, Ireland's new housing bubble, international sporting fixtures, Game of Thrones and even Kilkenny's central access scheme will be among the festival topics to be debated by the line-up of national and international economists, commentators and comedians from Thursday to Sunday.

The comedians will put the economists under the spotlight to talk through issues such as the prospects for the Irish economy in 2015 and what happens if the UK leaves the EU.

Possible approaches to prevent the second property bubble in 10 years will be examined in Are we totally Daft.ie? Ireland's new housing bubble, with speakers Ronan Lyons, Constantin Gurdgiev, Stephen Kinsella, David Hall, Karl Whelan and Dermot Whelan.


Fresh from a year living in China, Des Bishop joins forces with economist Vikas Nath in What's next for Asia: New century, old mistakes.

Meanwhile, a European VC Summit is taking place in Dublin today. Attendees at the event, hosted by Kauffman Fellows, will hear the latest trends in venture that are sweeping the globe.

Silicon Valley Bank managing director Beau Laskey, Polaris European venture partner Noel Ruane, Atlantic Bridge co-founder Elaine Coughlan, Highland Capital partner Tony Zappala and Rafael Torres, head of healthcare at GE Venures will be among the speakers.