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Powerscourt Distillery unveils limited edition Fercullen “Five Elements” 18-year-old single malt

This eagerly anticipated rare and composite expression, of just 1,500 bottles, is an exceptional addition to the Fercullen Irish Whiskey range

Bottled at 46% ABV, Fercullen Five Elements 18-year-old Limited Edition will be available online at from the 12th of November and at selected off-licences around the country.

Bottled at 46% ABV, Fercullen Five Elements 18-year-old Limited Edition is available online from the 12th of November and at selected off-licences around the country.


Fercullen's Five Elements is a limited edition release of just 1,500 bottles; a single malt, from a single distillery by a single master distiller.

The Five Elements include:

  1. A single malt, a single distillery, a single distiller
  2. Two types of oak maturation; American White Oak and European Oak
  3. Three different finishing casks; Red Wine, Ruby Port and Rum
  4. Four styles; Bourbon, Red Wine, Ruby Port and Rum
  5. The globally recognised touch and blending expertise of master distiller Noel Sweeney

Noel applied his vast experience to ensure different proportions of each style lend balance and expression to the Five Elements within the limited release. Producing a truly complex and unique whiskey.

In anticipation of a complex compilation of different styles and finishes, rare stocks of 16-year-old single malt matured in American white oak, ex-bourbon barrels, were decanted and filled into carefully selected casks of red wine, ruby port and rum. After years of finishing our master distiller chose each cask for this compilation.18-year-old malt exclusively matured in ex-bourbon was also used to bind and balance the delicate flavours with those from the finishes in this rare composite expression.

The red wine cask finish was achieved over three years. European oak red wine casks imbue a tannic characteristic which is mellowed and balanced by the malt sweetness of the whiskey finished in ruby port casks and the tropical aroma and palate from rum casks. All  three were married with bourbon barrel 18-year-old whiskey, the four styles then expertly combined by a master’s touch to produce a symphony of flavours in this rare and exceptional single malt Irish whiskey.

Noel commented; A unique whiskey is always a pleasure to develop. Working to distil, mature, finish, blend and balance this rare composite expression represents years of experience and patience required to bring all the elements together forming something truly special.”

Powerscourt Distillery's master distiller, Noel Sweeney has received several awards for distilling and whiskey excellence.  He was inducted into The Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame in 2017 and currently remains as one of just two Irish distillers to have been recognised in this way. A globally-renowned whiskey expert, Noel is passionate about his craft and has released many international award-winning Irish whiskies over the years. He is a member of the Irish Spirits Association, a founding member of the Irish Whiskey Association and a key contributor to the GI technical file for Irish whiskey. Noel has devoted over 30 years patiently honing his craft and learning from former masters.

In this sublime marriage of Fercullen Single Malt Whiskey matured in ex-bourbon, ruby port, aged dark rum and Bordeaux red wine casks, notes of tropical fruit cocktail sweetness, with layer upon layer of smooth silky sweet malt, chocolate and Christmas cake pull together the influences of ex-spirit casks from all over Europe, across the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Delivering a long-lasting sweetness from ripe fruits and velvety texture almost mouth-wetting to finish.

Bottled at 46% ABV, Fercullen Five Elements 18-year-old Limited Edition is available online at from the 12th of November and at selected off-licences around the country.

Powerscourt Distillery Visitor Centre and Maturation warehouse are located on the Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. Producing whiskey since June 2018, the visitor centre opened in May 2019. Carefully repurposed, the Old Mill House is one of the oldest buildings on the estate set against the stunning backdrop of the Great Sugarloaf Mountain.

Enjoying a long heritage of dedication and craftsmanship Powerscourt has become one of Ireland’s most treasured estates - an inspiring location where the extraordinary is possible. With an underground lake of the purest Wicklow water, close proximity to rich farming lands and a temperate coastline climate It sets the perfect stage for distilling and maturing Irish whiskey.

Powerscourt Distillery has also teamed up with local food producers this festive season, to provide Delicious Whiskey & Food Pairing Hampers. Decadent and indulgent, the Fercullen Irish Whiskey and Food Pairing Hampers are the perfect idea to offer a taste of Ireland this Christmas.

Originally presented as a distillery tour, it became evident there was an appreciation and an interest to share this experience with friends and family. By creating a hamper comprising of superb high-quality Irish produce, Powerscourt Distillery can now offer this authentic Irish experience to a wider audience.

The Fercullen Bronze, Silver and Gold Hampers make complementary pairings with the Distillery’s trilogy of award-winning whiskeys. The Hampers, priced from €90 to €115, are available from the Powerscourt Distillery website, the perfect way to #shoplocal and #championgreen this wintertime.

Traditionally, the appreciation of Irish whiskey has been synonymous with Irish culture. These traditions of hospitality are celebrated in the Fercullen Whiskey & Food Pairing Hampers. The discerning whiskey drinker is offered a new twist on time-honoured rituals while those at the beginning of their whiskey journey will be pleasantly surprised at this introduction to Fercullen Irish whiskey, and how these carefully selected local foods enhance the whiskey tasting experience.

With mouth-watering meats from the Wooded Pig, local honey courtesy of Powerscourt Estate, Wicklow Ban Cheese and Fercullen Whiskey Chocolates making up just some of the goodies, the hampers deliver an authentic Irish gift for that special someone. Each hamper comes with a QR code that gives the recipient a link to watch a pre-recorded presentation on how to enjoy your whiskey tasting and food pairing journey with Santina Kennedy the Distillery's in-house food historian and food & beverage specialist.

This is not just a gift, this is an experience. 

Fercullen Five Elements limited Edition is available on ,with an array of special gifts from whiskey and food pairing hampers, Fercullen range of Whiskeys, gift cards for tours and tastings or consider for event hire and intimate wedding hire in 2021.

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