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Recruitment of doctors in the Highlands has proven to be a nightmare, even though the posts pay £75,000 a year, plus a  “golden hello” bonus of about £5,000

It is, perhaps, the stuff of a successful TV series: a doctor comes to a remote, beautiful area, becoming embedded, even loved, in the local community(...)

Sir Michael Marmot: “There’s an intimate relationship between where you are on the social hierarchy and your health. The people at the top have the longest life, those in the middle are shorter, and as you get lower and lower, the life expectancy gets shorter and shorter.”

Money doesn’t buy happiness, they say, but the clear evidence is that it does buy you extra years of life. The flip side of this, of course, is that t(...)

‘Just enjoy the film, Dad, you don’t always have to write about it,” is a familiar refrain from my family on our sporadic outings to the movies. Yet c(...)

It was on the 16th day of July – and the 10th day of the Great Kate Wait – that Jesus Christ, flanked by Mary Magdalene, sat down on the Sky News sofa(...)

Britain’s health secretary Jeremy Hunt has  warned that incapable NHS executives would be fired. Photograph: Neil Hall /Reuters

Six major British National Health Service hospital groups have been taken over by new management following an investigation that unearthed a litany of(...)

Protesters from the ‘National Health Action Party’ lead a mock funeral procession for the NHS along Whitehall on July 5, 2013 in London. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Once described by the Conservatives’ Nigel Lawson as the closest thing the British have “to a religion”, the National Health Service has long been the(...)

An all-party UK parliamentary group  began an investigation last December into dementia services for Irish, Indian, Pakistani and black Caribbean communities, many of whom moved to Britain from the 1950s onwards. Photograph: Tim Ireland/PA

Elderly Irish suffering dementia are in danger of being ignored by the National Health Service and local authorities because both fail to recognise th(...)

Prices for branded drugs bought by the NHS are negotiated between the government and the industry. The system, which was last negotiated in 2008 and which imposes a price cap, does not regulate prices of generic drugs or branded products sold over the counter by chemists. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Prices paid by the National Health Service to drug firms will be cut by up to a fifth from early 2014 unless the companies offer substantial reduction(...)

 Dr James Reilly. Photograph: Eric Luke

The coalition Government has embarked upon one of the most radical programmes of healthcare reform since the formation of the UK’s NHS in 1948. Our go(...)

There is unlikely to be the level of public investment necessary to create the kind of system many of our EU partners have in the short term. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The recent revelations of mistreatment of small children in privately run creches have a wearying familiarity. They follow revelations of the mistreat(...)

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