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Meg O’Kelly (24) from Dublin is one of the chosen few on the ESB’s apprentice programme for network technicians.

A recent survey investigating the biggest influence on young people’s career choices has confirmed what many of us suspected all along: it’s the Irish(...)

Gluten-free living: Mina Campbell was seven when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease

Our daughter never enjoyed sandwiches. We all used to roll our eyes when Mina would, from the age of about three, eat the cheese but throw away the br(...)

Some parishes have introduced programmes aimed at boosting parental involvement around the sacraments.

Schools are entitled to set aside up to 30 minutes of the school day for religious instruction, twice the amount of time devoted to subjects such as p(...)

A survey  reveals a strong demand for parents and local parishes to play a much greater role in preparing children for sacraments. Photograph: Getty Images

Ireland is unique in its dependence on schools in preparing for the sacraments. And, as any primary school teacher will tell you, preparation for Comm(...)

There is a strong demand for parents and local parishes to play a much greater role in preparing children for sacraments, according to the findings of a survey by the Archdiocese of Dublin. Photograph: Getty

Catholic schools want key preparations for sacraments such as Confirmation and Communion to take place outside the classroom, according to the finding(...)

Youth Work Ireland says its online survey of more than 1,300 young people shows a huge appetite for education on issues such as consent, the law and contraception. File photograph: iStock

The largest youth organisation in Ireland has launched a campaign urging the Government to remove religious ethos as a barrier to safe and inclusive s(...)

While extra-curricular work is invaluable, too much can affect pupils’ work and overall wellbeing. Photograph: iStock

Shane gleefully volunteering to go bag-packing to raise funds for the rugby team was the last straw. Ironically, when the coach came to the classroom(...)

Sport regularly tops students’ aptitude profiles. Photograph: iStock

My son goes into transition year next September and will have to choose his subjects for the Leaving. He loves sport and would love to do anything con(...)

It’s the loveliest time of year and students are heading into a difficult, wide-ranging exam over 20 days with yawning gaps between papers.

The Leaving Cert is still some weeks away – it starts on June 5th – but term time is petering out fast for the country’s 55,000-plus sixth-year studen(...)

Ireland differs from the majority of European countries, where most children are not admitted to school until they reach six years of age or older. Photograph: iStock

Most children starting school nowadays will be 19 or 20 years old when they finish secondary school following an increase in school starting ages, lat(...)

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