Fighting Words

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One day, Georgie got lost. Timmy found out she was gone and went to go look for her in a magical realm. The magical realm was created by David Beckham(...)

Once upon a time, there was a horse called Ivan. Ivan had a beautiful navy coat and golden mane and tail. He worked at the Bombay Pantry, where authen(...)

Illustration: Nellie Azzopardi

Dia dhuit, Rósa is ainm dom agus tá mé in ann caint. Is madra mé. Tá cara agam agus an t-ainm atá uirthí ná Snó. Is huskie í. Ba mhaith liom bheith m(...)

Geoffrey the duck and his sidekick Frank the rat were undercover superheroes. One day, Geoff went to Frank’s house looking forward to their next nigh(...)

There was once a flying shark who used to visit his nan. The shark’s nan was an evil shark who gave him toffees that stuck his jaws together so he cou(...)

I can’t understand why we clash so much. Looking back I’m demented. Photograph: iStock

You’ve never listened to me And I was submissive, Fixing me as if I was a faulty product. My mouth shut down, Stitched up by the sound of your voi(...)

Personification, swallowing any Joy that could be found studying English. Photograph: iStock

A tidal wave of metaphors, Similes, like a trapdoor Opening underfoot. Personification, swallowing any Joy that could be found studying English. (...)

All eyes are on me, boring a hole in my back. I hate it. I hate the attention. Photograph: iStock

In. Out. In. Out. Breathe. I leave their shouts and laughter behind me as I run away. I follow a route I know like the back of my hand. At the back(...)

I am not alive, I am merely breathing. Photograph: iStock

I am breathing, blood is pumping through my veins. My eyes are seeing, my brain is searching Through my thoughts. My self is being, my hand is hold(...)

Hitting a Brick Wall

Jack Fanciulli And. But. Because. There is no start, beginning or intro. It doesn’t lull you in; there are no greetings or definitive lin(...)

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