Fighting Words

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M is for mattress a sleeping bag covered in frost. Photograph: iStock

H is for home of which I have none O is for outsider it’s what I’ve become M is for mattress a sleeping bag covered in frost E is for everything it(...)

All the children knew to stay away from the dark parts of the forest, and the strange voices that called out to them in the middle of the night when they could not sleep. Photograph: iStock

In a land, not so different from our own, there was a kingdom. It was a mighty kingdom, filled with life, riches, poverty and minstrels. And what kind(...)

Then another melancholic bar drifted through from above. Whoever was playing was good, passionate. Minor chords and slow strums were building something sorrowful, beautiful. Photograph: iStock

Dusk softening the sky, she sang to herself. A quiet hum, backed by the steady beat of drumming fingers. Rough, low, only for her ears to enjoy and sa(...)

Once upon a time there was a Cregathorus called Craig. His best friend was a llama called Giddyup. One day, his friend got dragged away by humans. Cr(...)

Have you ever seen a talking sausage? Well, I’m going to tell you a legendary story about a talking sausage named Digeridoo. It was a lovely day in (...)

One bright, early morning, Lily the dog was lying in bed. Suddenly she fell out of bed because she was having a bad dream. In her dream, black widow s(...)

Warren the Waffle is in the gym. He’s running on the treadmill and in walks Paddy the Pancake. “Where’s my maple syrup?” says Paddy the Pancake. “I (...)

Once upon a time in Miaowtopia lived MiaowKitty the Cat. MiaowKitty found sparkles that gave her all the wishes in the world. One day, Poppy the Puppy(...)

Peggy woke up in his house and he found out he had no legs. He panicked because he tried to jump out of bed and he fell over. “Mum, I have no legs!” (...)

Jayden received a signal to call him out on a mission to save people because they were being attacked by a villain. He jumped out of his window, trans(...)

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