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Smoke billows from a fire burning at East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Photograph: Handout/EPA

The navy began evacuating thousands of people stranded in tourist towns along Australia’s east coast on Friday as the escalating bush fire disaster an(...)

Phil Hogan: “Dublin, London and Brussels need to be inclusive and careful in addressing the sensitivities of all stakeholders in Northern Ireland.” Photograph: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty

EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan is now a powerful and influential figure on the world stage, representing the interests of the 450 million people who(...)

Just 25% of Democrat supporters knew stocks had risen this year, while 58% of Republicans did, according to a Financial Times poll. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Stocktake often cautions about mixing politics with investing, but a Financial Times poll confirms that all too many people allow their politics to co(...)

Helen McEntee is in Washington DC to meet senior political and business leaders. Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

The Minister of State for Europe, Helen McEntee, has urged the United States to refrain from imposing new tariffs on Irish and European goods, as she (...)

‘Billionaires are difficult to wipe out. Wealth taxes are tough to collect and the wealthy adept at avoidance.’

Michael Bloomberg, creator of the eponymous financial data service, is considering a run for US president. An election between two billionaires. That(...)

A customs post outside Newry, Co Down. File photograph: Pacemaker

The EU customs union in 1968 abolished tariffs between member states, but it was the introduction of the single market in 1993, based on a common set (...)

‘We are also taking a chance and thus are open to the possibility of betrayal. There is a leap of faith in trust.’

The use of social media to access knowledge has contributed to a lack of trust in experts, according to a Dublin-based astrophysicist and philosopher (...)

 ‘Referring to his recent visit to the UK last July, Donald Trump noted that he had met with the Prince of “Whales” (sic), among other dignitaries.’ File photograph: Tom Brenner/Reuters

“Covfefe” [sic] has become an internet meme, Dadaist in its obscurity and nonsense. US president Donald Trump used it in an apparently incomplete twee(...)

Fuyao’s glass factory in Moraine, Ohio

For the people of Moraine, Ohio December 2008 was a time no one ever wants to think about or see happen again. Thousands of jobs were lost when Genera(...)

US president Donald Trump with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has said he plans to soon begin a military operation in northeast Syria. Photograph: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP.

US allies and senior Republicans have responded with alarm to the Trump administration’s decision to pull troops out of northern Syria, paving the way(...)

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