Tony Parsons

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AstraZeneca  vaccinations in Lichfield cathedral: British ministers treat every question about the safety or effectiveness of the drug as a grievous insult to national honour.  Photograph: Oli Scarff

When a single issue defines a country’s politics for as long as Brexit has England’s, it’s perhaps inevitable that, after a while, it can be hard to s(...)

Earlier this week the Health Service Executive issued a guidance for churchgoers, advising that holy water fonts should not be used and the sign of the peace should be suspended.

People at one Dublin church this week were still dipping their fingers into holy water fonts and blessing themselves, despite warnings to the contrary(...)

Family: Ballymun was chosen ‘because it’s an internationally recognisable landscape’ for a story that could happen in any city

Twenty-five years ago this month something significant happened on Irish television that wasn’t Riverdance. Over four weeks in May 1994, the country w(...)

Manhunter and boy: Tony Parsons. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Tony Parsons says that he no longer worries about his “fading former glory”. Was his glory really fading? It was, he says. After huge success in 1999 (...)

The Mirror is “not like other tabloids”, which is both true and also its new advertising slogan. In one image from the campaign, launched last weekend(...)