If a mother wants to return to work after a few months so her partner can stay at home until the leave is used up, what business is it of the State to interfere in the efficiency of that choice for a couple? Photograph: iStock

‘Are you able to breastfeed?” she asked. Excuse me? It’s not every day male business journalists get asked this question at the launch of a research r(...)

Ibec chief executive Danny McCoy. The Irish business representative group was among the most active lobbyists in the EU in 2017. Photograph: Eric Luke

Ibec, which represents more than 7,500 companies in Ireland, spent €1.3 million on lobbying activities in the European Union last year. This made it t(...)

Danny McCoy: Ibec will  “take responsibility for returning details [to the public register] of lobbying we undertake on your behalf”. Photograph: Gary O’ Neill

Ibec, the employers’ representative group, has assured members it won’t reveal their identities under a new disclosure regime if it lobbies politicia(...)