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The statins industry rests on the unproven cholesterol hypothesis: that eating saturated fat raises blood cholesterol concentrations, which clogs coronary arteries, inducing CVD.

In 2016, when Ireland’s State-funded sector spent almost €50 million on cholesterol-lowering statins – the world’s most prescribed drug – was the mone(...)

Abduraheem Duidi, from Crumlin, was shot in Tripoli and is  receiving treatment at University Hospital Galway

A young Irish man who had a foot amputated after being shot in Libya has expressed his sadness at the Government’s refusal to fund his medical evacuat(...)

Abdu Raheem with his mother Patricia Fitzpatrick: Raheem was shot in both legs in Libya

Abduraheem Duibi, an English teacher in Libya, was in a car with work colleagues when it was fired upon by local militia on Saturday, March 4th. Mr D(...)

Patricia Fitzpatrick with her son Abduraheem Duibi who was caught in crossfire in Libya and shot in both legs: after nearly three weeks the family raised enough money to fly him out to hospital in Galway but it was too late to save his foot

The family of a young Irishman who was shot in Libya has criticised the Department of Foreign Affairs for failing to fund an air ambulance, saying the(...)

Quarter of a million Irish people use statins to lower their cholesterol.

Irish specialists have given a mixed reaction to a major review of statins that says the benefits of the cholesterol-busting drugs have been underesti(...)

Patrick Canning

Patrick Canning (21), from Oranmore, Co Galway, is about to start his fourth year studying medicine at NUI Galway. He also considered veterinary medic(...)

Using statins drugs to prevent a cardiovascular event such as a stroke or heart attack in otherwise healthy people with high cholesterol can increase (...)