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The Growing Up in Ireland study examines the lives of children who were three years old in the middle of the recession from the late 2000s. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Two out of three families saw their income fall during the recession, one in seven went into arrears on utility bills, and one in 10 fell behind on th(...)

ESRI analyst Prof Richard Layte said: ‘We’re still not seeing investment in community services and the early environment.’ File photograph: Frank Miller

Politicians were “queasy” about tackling child poverty because it would involve improving the living standards of their parents, a senior analyst with(...)

Teacher Aisling Kelliher with pupils at Ghoirt Álainn primary school in Cork city, practising “milkshake breathing” which helps to reduce anxiety. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Spelling tests and messy handwriting are no longer the only key talking points at primary school parent-teacher meetings. Increasingly, a new issue of(...)

People just above the income threshold for a medical card see medical care as a luxury

Doctors of all specialities can attest to the fact that low socioeconomic status is linked to a significant reduction in life expectancy. And the medi(...)

Women  who had a caesarean section were also more likely to require repeat trips to a GP, to visit an emergency department or to be readmitted to a hospital than those who underwent natural births.

Women should be made more aware of potential health complications arising from caesarean sections before undergoing the operation, a leading midwifery(...)

Prof Richard Layte (r), author of a new report on childhood in Ireland. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

The financial strain on families as a result of the recession has “hugely damaged” many parents’ and children’s mental health, a new study shows. The (...)

Overall, death rates have been falling for over half a century, but the rate of improvement across social groups varied greatly during the boom, Prof Richard Layte of the ESRI said. Photograph: Getty Images

Death rates in the most deprived parts of the State are up to six times higher than in more affluent areas, a conference on health inequalities has he(...)

 Prof Richard Layte of the ESRI said the research provided the first analysis of the way differentials in mortality changed during the last three decades in Ireland. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

The wealthiest groups in society enjoyed disproportionate gains in life expectancy and reductions in death rates during the boom years of the Celtic T(...)

The study showed if a woman’s partner continued to smoke during the pregnancy, the mother was 70 per cent less likely to quit. Photograph: Thinkstock

Women with higher levels of income and education are more likely to drink alcohol weekly during their pregnancy, new figures have shown.While more tha(...)

Most of us live lives confident in our ability to control our destiny through decisions freely arrived at, but increasing evidence points the die o(...)

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