Paul Clements

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The Shannon is largely the same river that Hayward admired in Where the River Shannon Flows, published in 1940. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The Ireland of the 1930s was an austere place in which barefoot children played in the streets of a young country where the Catholic Church was all-po(...)

View of the Shannon from Athlone. Photograph: Ros Kavanagh/Getty Images

‘I wasted time, and now doth time waste me”, King Richard hauntingly declares in his soliloquy in Richard II. Seen through the prism of a flowing rive(...)

 John Boyne: “I chose to write Sam and Jessica’s story as a deliberately imperfect one in order for me to highlight the mistakes people make and how important empathy is.” Photograph: Alan Betson

John Boyne’s publisher Puffin has said it is proud to be publishing his novel about a transgender teen, after the book was dismissed as “transphobic” (...)

Sir Richard Wallace aged 70. Photograph: Copyright The Wallace Collection

They are first and foremost places to watch the river of life float by, to enjoy a busking troubadour or catch a whiff of Gauloises smoke. The public (...)

Lovers of Ireland’s Atlantic coastline hardly needed it to be branded the Wild Atlantic Way. But sure, doesn’t it bring the tourists? The local folk P(...)

There’s a literary feast awaiting the country in the coming week, with three festivals taking place. We’ve rounded up some places to fill your bell(...)

Paul Clements: “Cross-pollination plays a large part in archival research and led me to government files in the Public Record Office in Belfast; BBC written archive files at Caversham near Reading; census, and film censor forms in the National Archive of Ireland, and correspondence with his associates reflecting the overlap in his life of literature, theatre, film, music and broadcasting”

My initial plan was to write a foot-stepping book, travelling around Ireland to see if any tangible signs of Richard Hayward existed but I was advi(...)