Nicholas Carr

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 Constantly tapping those apps is not just taking you away from your loved ones, this habitual checking of updates, swiping between apps and scrolling through feeds is doing something to our brains

“About 2½ years ago I had a baby, and one moment that sticks out in my mind was sitting with her late at night. I had this out-of-body experience wher(...)

‘If we are not all clinically addicted per se, surely we are severely distracted?’

Some 50 percent of US teenagers “feel addicted” to their mobile devices. Four in 10 UK teenagers consider themselves to be addicted to the internet. A(...)

Moments of idle reflection and minutes of frustrating inactivity have been rendered a thing of the past by the devices in our pockets. Photograph: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg

Next month see the 10th anniversary of the release of the first iPhone and the start of a smartphone revolution that has shaped the intervening decade(...)

The modern market: brand names that now permeate our daily lives

We were promised jet packs and robot cleaners by Tomorrow’s World in the 1970s and assured that the march of technology would see us passing our da(...)

John Maher

Much of the discussion of the impact of the internet on defamation law is framed around what life was like before it was invented. Yet anyone of colle(...)

Burning at the stake: it took a long time for humanity to learn it was not necessary to persecute people on the basis of their beliefs. Photograph: National Gallery of Ireland

The philosopher Nicolas de Condorcet believed in progress. Looking around him in late 18th-century France, he saw improvement everywhere, a trend he t(...)

We are, it is said, swimming in The Shallows . The title of Nicholas Carr’s 2011 book became(...)

‘It’s a bit addictive. If someone puts something bogus up you can go on and prove him wrong and get into a debate. If you win, you think, I’ve got (...)