Narendra Modi

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Farmers protest in Amritsar, India, against the new agriculture laws which they fear will disrupt their business and strip them of state protections. Photograph: Raminder Pal Singh/EPA

India’s supreme court has suspended three agriculture laws that have provoked farmers to stage a mass protest against prime minister Narendra Modi and(...)

A health worker holds  mock Covid-19 vaccine syringes during a dry run of   vaccination at a government hospital in Jammu, India, on Saturday. Photograph: Jaipal Singh/EPA

India has granted emergency approval to both the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and the domestically developed Covaxin, signalling the start o(...)

A health care worker takes a person’s temperature in November, in Ganjam, a rural district of India that was untouched by the coronavirus until migrant workers began to return home. Photograph: Atul Loke/The New York Times

Special trains operated by the government to ease suffering and counteract a disastrous lack of planning  instead played a significant role in(...)

US president Donald Trump: Rejection by  voters after a single term in office sends an important message. It proves right-populists can be beaten. Photograph: Erin Schaff/New York Times

Donald Trump’s incompetence and ill-discipline struck fear in the hearts of his opponents, but those shortcomings also put a ceiling on his progress. (...)

Women perform celebratory rituals in Mumbai. Photograph: Rajanish Kakade/AP Photo

India’s number of coronavirus cases has passed nine million, the world’s second highest total after the US. The federal health ministry on Friday rep(...)

A man reads a local newspaper showing a photograph of newly elected US president Joe Biden, in Kabul, on Sunday. Photograph: Getty Images

World leaders welcomed Joe Biden’s election as US president as a chance to enhance co-operation on climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and other (...)

An Indian army convoy  driving towards Leh, on a highway bordering China, in early September. The Himalayan border between the two countries has been the site of tensions for months. Photograph:   Yawar Nazir/Getty Images

India on Wednesday released a Chinese soldier its forces had detained along the disputed mountainous border with China last weekend, signalling an eas(...)

Restaurant owners and workers bash pots   at a demonstration against restaurant and bar closures in Marseille, southern France, on Friday. Photograph: Daniel Cole/AP Photo

France and Britain have reported new daily records for coronavirus infections, now both well into five figures. France reported nearly 17,000 new con(...)

Populist leaders such as Boris Johnson (above), Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro and Narendra Modi were elected on promises to restore and assert national pride. Confronted with the Covid epidemic they have floundered, dissembled, denied or tried to divert the challenge of effective governing. Photograph: Aaron Chown/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Competence matters in governing during moments of crisis like the current Covid-19 epidemic. The skills of organising, planning, mastery of detail and(...)

An Indian health worker takes a nasal swab sample from  a teacher to test for Covid-19 in Gauhati, India. Photograph: Anupam Nath/AP

India has recorded the highest single-day coronavirus case count of any country with 82,860 new infections even as Narendra Modi’s government pushes a(...)

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