Digicel in Haiti: Among the firms accused by Haitian immigrants in the US of “conspiring” in a “fraudulent scheme” to collect  fees for the government. Photograph: Peter Andrew Bosch/Miami Herald/MCT

Several companies, including Denis O’Brien’s Caribbean telecoms group Digicel, are expected to file a motion this week to try and get a Haiti-linked c(...)

Digicel said it had “filed a motion to dismiss as we believe the claims are without merit”.

US-based lawyers for Digicel, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands telecoms company owned by Denis O’Brien, want a court to dismiss a complaint by US-bas(...)

Digicel said it had ‘always conducted its business in Haiti consistent with all applicable laws and regulations’.

Digicel, the Caribbean telecoms company owned by Denis O’Brien, has become embroiled in a $1.5 billion US lawsuit over allegations it is a “co-conspir(...)