The ‘rule of origin’ provision in the new post-Brexit deal means that if 60 per cent of a car’s value originates in the UK, you can import it without paying the customs duty. Photograph: Getty Images

Somewhat against the run of play, the number of used cars being imported in January of this year actually increased. It was only a small rise – just 3(...)

Volkswagen is the best-selling brand so far this year with 12,215 new car registrations. Total new registrations stood at 118,925 by the end of business on Monday, down from 131,207 this time last year.

Sales of new cars fell once again in July, but the arrival of the new 172 registration plate did at least arrest the slide seen so far this year by a (...)

Increasing imports of cars from the UK mcontinue to be driven by a weakened Sterling exchange rate. According to industry watchers, 13,381 cars have been imported from the UK so far this year, a rise of some 41 per cent.

The car trade in Ireland will be hoping for a significant boost from the July registration plate change, as sales of new models dipped again in June. (...)

Car models such as the updated VW Golf, the new Ford Fiesta and Peugeot’s new 3008 are not yet filling up the Irish sales charts.

The true state of the Irish car market is being disguised by enormous numbers of last-day registrations in the first three months of the year as both (...)

Opel may have to issue a recall for Corsa D models built between 2006 and 2014 due to a  possible fire risk

There are calls for the establishment of a national vehicle database on recalls, both here and in the UK, following a spate of fires involving Opel a(...)

With the drop in Sterling, the Republic’s car buyers are looking to the North for savings - and not just for top end Ferraris and the like

With the plummeting value of Sterling the value of shopping for a second hand car in the UK is increasingly appealing to motorists in the Republic. In(...)

The number of imported used cars from the UK was 5,707 in July, a rise of 35 per cent compared to July 2015, but that’s not out of line with historical figures. Photograph: iStock

The number of used cars being imported into Ireland has spiked upwards in July, but possibly not to the extent which had been predicted prior to the U(...)

July could outpace the more traditional January in the sales race this year. Photograph: Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

July could out-pace the more traditional January in the sales race this year, as early figures from suggest that the first seven days of(...)

Fall in the value of sterling after Brexit vote is likely to lead to a surge in UK used car imports

A surge in low-priced UK used imports is expected after the Brexit vote. Dealers are predicting this in turn wil l cause Irish used car values to plum(...)

Finance packages can work for buyers, but they are a gamble on used car values

It seems so tempting. Put down a deposit, usually in the shape of the car you are trading in, pay some affordable monthly fees and drive away in a shi(...)

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