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David Adams: recital at St Michael’s Church focused on music from Pope Francis’s home country, Argentina, and country of residence, Italy

The opening work in David Adams’s wide-ranging organ recital at St Michael’s Church, Dún Laoghaire, on Sunday was the key link for most of what follow(...)

The ConTempo Quartet: Their two programmes in the NCH’s International Concert Series feature  pieces by Jennifer Walshe and Linda Buckley

The first of the 13 concerts in the National Concert Hall’s new International Concert Series gets under way tonight with the Baltimore Symphony Orches(...)

OrchKids: children from Baltimore’s OrchKids initiative, which provides instruments, music education, academic instruction and healthy food. Photograph: Bill Dennison

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is just over a century old. It was formed in 1916, originally as part of the municipal government before it was recon(...)

German-born composer Paul Hindemith (1895-1963). Photograph: Erich Auerbach/Getty Images

Leonard Bernstein was a great talker about music. In these pages, conductor Marin Alsop told of how, at the age of nine and already a seasoned concert(...)

Gustav Mahler recalled that ‘my friends avoided me in terror. Not a single one of them dared to speak to me about the work’. Photograph: Imagno/Getty Images

Mahler wrote his First Symphony in 1888. The year before, Stanford had produced his Irish symphony, and a year later, the year in which Mahler’s symph(...)

Marin Alsop: ‘I imagine it’s like when someone has a religious calling, and they just somehow get this lightning bolt’

As Marin Alsop tells it, it’s rather like a fairy tale. She went to one of Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts at the age of nine, and had an (...)