Mari Steed

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Mari Steed: would like to see more emphasis on disclosure and access to documents.

Mari Steed is one of thousands of people who were sent by institutions in Ireland to the US for adoption. She was born in Bessborough Mother and Baby(...)

Philomena Lee: her success in highlihting the wrongs done to women and babies in Ireland subjected to forced adoptions is helping to inspire campaigners in Canada to bring similar abuses there to light. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Jennifer Hough, in TorontoWhen Valerie Andrews heard an interview last year on the CBC, Canada’s state broadcaster, with Irish adoption campaigner Phi(...)

France Fitzgerald: Minister got detailed submission in 2011. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

A call for a public inquiry into mother and baby homes was first made three years ago by the Adoption Rights Alliance.The alliance, which was set up i(...)

Philomena Lee  and Senator Claire McCaskill  meet to discuss the  new adoption initiative.

US senator Claire McCaskill has added her support to a campaign to help Irish mothers reunite with US children separated by forced adoption, describin(...)