Lora Haddock

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Ava bracelets: the ovulation tracking bracelet created by Lea von Bidder

After being a neglected market for some time, technology aimed at women – and in particular their health – looks set to become big business. Market a(...)

Banned dildo: Lora DiCarlo’s Osé massager has been barred from the International Consumer Electronics Show

The developers of a female-focused sex toy are alleging gender bias after the organisers of the International Consumer Electronics Show revoked an inn(...)

Royole FlexPai, the world’s first foldable smartphone was unveiled at   at the Consumer Electronics Show   in Las Vegas. Photograph:   Martyn Landi/PA Wire

Robots, 8K TVs and artificial intelligence: the annual CES tech show is in full swing in Las Vegas. The showcase brings together the world’s largest t(...)