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The NBDC report confirms short-term, accelerating declines in Irish bee populations

The current status of Irish wildlife “remains precarious”, the National Biodiversity Data Centre (NBDC) warns following its latest evaluation of indic(...)

The Green-Veined White butterfly, now  in moderate decline in Ireland. Photograph: Dr Liam Lysaght.

Most people walking alongside the restored pond on the Castletown estate in Co Kildare would barely notice the tiny purple wildflower beneath their fe(...)

 A bee in flight approaches a flower ahead of  World Bee Day, which is drawing   attention  to the  ongoing decline of bee populations in industrialized nations across the globe. Photograph:  Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Awareness of the environmental threat to Ireland’s bee population has increased but now it must be backed up by change in behaviour, according to cons(...)

About one-third of the 99 species of bees in Ireland are now either regionally extinct or vulnerable.

Ireland’s experience of species coming under threat of extinction has been broadly in line with trends around the world, an Irish expert on biodiversi(...)

A photo taken on May 21st 2015 shows an elephant at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy at the foot of Mount Kenya, approximately 300 km north of the capital Nairobi. “Runaway consumption” has decimated global wildlife, triggered a mass extinction and exhausted Earth’s capacity to accommodate humanity’s expanding appetites, the global conservation group WWF warned on Tuesday. Photograph: Tony Karumba/AFP/Getty Images

The catastrophic decline in world animal populations since 1970, detailed in the 2018 Living Planet Index published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), (...)

Liam Lysaght on Bull Island Unesco Reserve –  the only biosphere in the world that lies completely in a capital city.  Photograph: Jason Clarke

Work, life and values seem to be happily, even enviably, intermeshed for Liam Lysaght, director of the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Seated at h(...)

River Barrow trail: “The grassy towpath is the green frame for the river,” according to Olivia O’Leary River Barrow trail: “The grassy towpath is the green frame for the river,” according to Olivia O’Leary. Photograph: Paddy Woodworth

“Step out on the grassy way which is the Barrow towpath and you have stepped into another world. You can walk along the river for miles without hearin(...)

Dr Liam Lysaght on his arrival to visit Merlin Woods in Galway. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Close encounters with a Kerry natterjack toad, sightings of a fin whale and a glimpse of the artistic skills of the Marsh Fritillary, Ireland’s only (...)

Ready to go: Liam Lysaght, a keen member of the Marble City Cyclers

When Christopher McCandless, the “American supertramp”, abandoned his educated middle-class comforts to “walk into the wild”, he had hoped for a type (...)