James Casey

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By 1990, the IFSC effectively comprised a single building on Custom House Quay and not even the most wildly optimistic could have predicted what it would grow into over the next three decades. Photograph: iStock
A globally important industry

It may be hard to believe but the Irish funds industry is not much more than 30 years old. The concept of establishing an international financial serv(...)

Gene Rooney and Charlie Bonner in Bread Not Profits. Photograph: Caleb Purcell

BREAD NOT PROFITS Cleeves Toffee Factory, Limerick ★★★★★ Shakespeare used his history plays to explore issues relating to the morality of power and (...)

For two weeks in 1919 the ordinary people of Limerick city took over, creating, albeit briefly, the embryonic elements of workers’ control – of, some would say, a new society

“On Monday, April 14, there began in Limerick city a strike protest against military tyranny, which because of its dramatic suddenness, its completene(...)

LotusWorks  financial director Gerard Sproule; marketing director Emer Conroy; chief executive Fergal Broder; and human resources director Mark Butler

Irish-founded LotusWorks has been taken over by four of its senior executives as part of a management buyout, with the firm looking to increase its te(...)

Lough Derg: Irish Water plans to build a 170km long pipe from Parteen basin on the river Shannon to Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

Offaly farmer James Casey is worried the proposed 170km pipeline to bring water from the river Shannon to Dublin could put him out of business. Cas(...)

If you need information, the world wide web has it, offering trillions of pages available from millions of websites that turns the globe into a(...)