Jack Antonoff

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Taylor Swift’s Reputation, her new album that will sell by the truck load, is a new dawn in the singer’s career and she’s cleaning up all of the extra(...)

Annie Clark reckons songs – specifically her own – are like Rorschach tests. “The interpretation of the song, or the feeling of the song, has more to (...)

Wyvern Lingo: they love you, Sadie

Jake Bugg: How Soon The Dawn ** Mercury Maybe it’s because Glen Campbell passed away last week, but I’m hearing heavy echoes of the late, great cou(...)

Lorde: “My writing this time was inspired by records I really admired, the classic albums like ‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac or ‘Graceland’ by Paul Simon. Photograph: Brendan Walter

There’s a lyric on Lorde’s new album, Melodrama, which catches the ear. It runs, “bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark,” and it’s tart,(...)

Being exposed to almost immeasurable levels of scrutiny from people who don’t always have your best interests at heart is par for the course for many (...)

Jack Antonoff: “I wanted the album to reflect what it was: a person in a room going crazy a little bit, trying to make sense of all these thoughts and  sounds. I wanted it to be a controlled mess.”

Depending on your cultural barometer, you’d know Jack Antonoff’s name in any manner of contexts. It might be in relation to pop purveyors Fun, of whic(...)