Dr June Almeida  was internationally renowned for her pioneering electron microscope techniques. Photograph:  Norman James/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The first person to see a human coronavirus was raised in a Glasgow tenement and left school at 16. Dr June Almeida (1930-2007), internationally renow(...)

‘We’ve seen that hand cleansing behaviour becomes more lax with experience.’

Obstetrician Ignatz Philipp Semmelweis was the first to demonstrate, by experiment, that handwashing can prevent infections. In May, 1847, he instiga(...)

Known today as norovirus, its alias, the ‘winter vomiting bug’, is a misnomer, with year-round outbreaks occurring, albeit with a winter peak.Photograph: Thinkstock

In the gazetteer of human illness, and forever associated with the most common cause of acute infectious gastroenteritis in western Europe and North (...)