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Artists are seen on screens during the Eurovision’s Europe Shine A Light remote television show. Photograph: AP

With the coronavirus pandemic persisting longer than even the typical Eurovision power ballad, the inevitable has come to pass. The song-and-dance ja(...)

Jia Tolentino (30) grew up in Texas where her parents, immigrants from the Philippines, were members of the Southern Baptist church. ‘I had literally never been exposed to any other views. And then I sort of drifted leftward,’ she says

Jia Tolentino is an eloquent explainer of contemporary culture in the New Yorker magazine and an essayist often touted as the voice of her generation (...)

Many gym members don’t use the machines properly, so don’t get the full benefits from their workouts. Photograph: iStock

Is there any group of people better qualified to comment on fitness habits than personal trainers? From their vantage point on gym floors, they see o(...)

Is this the NSA whose mass snooping was exposed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden? Photograph: Natalia Fedosenko\TASS via Getty Images

It is not every day that I hear from a huge American surveillance outfit like the National Security Agency, the one whose mass snooping was exposed by(...)

Irish WWE professional wrestler Becky Lynch

Confession time: I am still sucked in by WWE. There are countless problems plaguing WWE, but allow me to take you back to the beginning of the Women’s(...)

Dwayne Johnson succeeds because he has enormous charm and because he is disciplined in his choices. Photograph: Ryan Conaty/The New York Times

This weekend sees the release of two potentially huge blockbusters: The Incredibles 2 and Skyscraper. Already the highest-grossing animated film in th(...)

Steve Bannon campaigning for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in December. Photograph: New York Times

Lawyers for Donald Trump sought on Thursday to stop publication of a new tell-all book that has already precipitated a bitter public break-up between (...)

There are several disadvantages to being single

It was when I was shin-deep in some sort of nettle tuft, skidding through haphazard little castles of rabbit droppings and shouting “Horse! Where are (...)

Peter Thiel at his Manhattan home: “Whatever the superficialities of Trump might be, he was more authentic than the other politicians.” Photograph: The New York Times

Let others tremble at the thought that Donald Trump may go too far. Peter Thiel worries that Trump may not go far enough. “Everyone says Trump is go(...)

Donald Trump releases his medical records – on TV. By some estimates, the president-elect benefited to the tune of more than $5bn worth of free airtime. Photograph: Sony Pictures Television

As the Trump team unveiled plans to eliminate Nasa research on climate change, one senior scientist noted that this would be like “ripping out the air(...)

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