Rory O’Connell filming a new food travel series on location with Appetite Media

All week, in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, on March 17th, our writers and correspondents are bringing you the best of Irish talent in the arts and (...)

Gerry Scullion, founder of King of Kefir, a range of water-based kefir drinks.

When Gerry Scullion was made redundant in 2012 he didn’t let the grass grow under his feet. Instead he seized the moment and began work on what has de(...)

Secretary of the Felons Club Gerry Scullion:  “My first instinct was not to vote at all, but I’ll probably be voting stay.” Photograph: Arthur Allison

Sipping an afternoon pint in the Felons Club on the Falls Road in west Belfast, Brian Gray is in no doubt about why the DUP is in favour of Brexit. (...)