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Shane Hanna: “The space for explicitly exploring values in schools is limited. What about those for whom school and the Leaving Cert don’t fit?” Photograph: Getty images

In our productivity-obsessed world, pausing and asking “What’s the point?” can seem heretical. Every year a new batch of school-leavers enters colleg(...)

This is a new year to take charge of your life and embrace the frightening changes you might have been putting off.

I have always found New Year’s Eve, and the days that flank it, a little bit depressing. Rather than looking forward to a new year, I’ll fixate on peo(...)

Epicurus thought that friendship was essential to human happiness. So essential, in fact, that he did something that by modern standards would be con(...)

There is a movement to get anonymous donor conception outlawed

Environmentalists often talk about the duties we have to future generations. But it’s not clearly precisely why individuals born in decades to (...)

C’mere to me: pub philosophers. Photograph: Getty Images

Sometimes dismissed as a niche activity in Ireland, philosophy has traditionally been associated with monks and seminarians. Or those who didn’t qu(...)