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From left: Denise Bolger, Lily Barrett, Emer Kelly and Róisín Cahill will represent Ireland at the World Surf Lifesaving Championships.

Like most people her age, 21-year-old Lily Barrett is busy with college, family, friends and planning her future. But, in between study and social li(...)

Pine marten: devours birds, rats, mice, snails and berries. Illustration: Michael Viney

My recent approval of culling feral American mink may sit oddly with my dismay at farmers in north Longford calling for an urgent cull of pine martens(...)

Fighting back: the red squirrel is now in all 32 counties. Illustration: Michael Viney

My first grey squirrel was scampering up a sidewalk tree in the heart of imperial Washington, a sight of no apparent novelty to anyone else. My second(...)

A new study has found the pine marten population in the midlands is proportionately higher than in other parts of Europe. Photograph: Getty

Some people might think Ireland’s most elusive mammal is the tiger, but if you are a zoologist you will know it is the pine marten. Now, a new study h(...)