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 John Boyne: ‘I remain immensely proud of the novel.’ Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

I was 15-years-old when a teacher read out a list of books that our class might like to read over the summer break. Eager to immerse myself in adult l(...)

Bernie Madoff walks out of court after a bail hearing in Manhattan in January, 2009. Photograph: Hiroko Masuike/Getty

When Wall Street fraudster Bernie Madoff died yesterday in a North Carolina prison, the conman’s lawyer said he was “by no means perfect – but no man (...)

John Boyne: ‘All I ever wanted was that kids would be moved enough by the story that they would develop the same interest in this period of history as I had.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

Last week, the author John Boyne pointed out what he saw as a troubling trend in publishing. “I can’t help but feel that by constantly using the same (...)

 Richard Staveley holding a photo of his grand aunt Jane Boyle, who was shot dead in Croke Park on Bloody Sunday 1920. Photograph: Alan Betson

This Thursday in Glasnevin, an important legacy issue for the GAA will literally be laid to rest. On what will be the 99th anniversary of Bloody Sunda(...)

Bob Geldof was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after he helped to raise millions of pounds for Ethiopia through the single Do They Know It’s Christmas? and his Live Aid concerts

Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald nominated Bob Geldof for the Nobel Peace Prize, documents from the 1986 State Papers show. Behind the scenes, Irish diplo(...)

 “Not only is there a crack in everything, but in some Irish things, there’s a crack in the crack – or in this case, in the theory about the crack.” Photograph: Alan Betson

The ghost of Leonard Cohen was among the attendance at an event in Dublin’s Mount Jerome cemetery earlier this week. It was the now-annual commemorat(...)

Eliezer (Elie) Wiesel:  September 30th, 1928-July 2nd, 2016. Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo

With the death of the writer and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel at 87, the last of the three unforgettable voices of the tragedy of the Jewish people duri(...)

Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor and author, at a conference of Nobel laureates in Petra, Jordan, June 2006. Wiesel died on Saturday aged 87. Photograph: George Azar/The New York Times

Elie Wiesel, the Auschwitz survivor who became an eloquent witness for the six million Jews slaughtered in the Second World War and who, more than any(...)

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu: his  acceptance of an invitation to address Congress from Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner was a direct snub to US  president Barack Obama given that it circumvented traditional diplomatic protocol through the White House. Photograph: Gary Cameron/Reuters

The political hurricane caused by Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu on his United States visit leaves him and President Barack Obama at even g(...)

Some of the 600 children, who  survived Auschwitz II-Birkenau, show their tattooed identification numbers. Some 7,000 prisoners, including more than 600 children and youths below the age of 18, were alive when the camp was liberated. Photograph: Reuters

The Diary of Anne Frank (1947), Anne Frank Published by her father after the war, Anne Frank’s diary gives an account of her family’s hidden li(...)

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