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Ireland meet Slovakia in Bratislava on Thursday evening. Photograph: Tommy Dickson/Inpho

When the European Championships began 60 years ago the organisers faced one early problem. Seventeen countries entered, a mathematically challenging n(...)

We ultimately agreed a figure 7 per cent over the asking price and a move in date for the end of September. Photograph: iStock

By August we had been looking for our next home in south Co Dublin for over six months and had been disappointed many times over. From the relatively (...)

Dave Rudden: “I came to Doctor Who through the novelisations. I didn’t know it was a TV show as a kid.” Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

These are heady days for fans of eccentric British time travellers. Doctor Who has just returned to our screens in the mildly controversial incarnatio(...)

Jennifer O’Connell: ’There is no commute to work, it’s true. There is also no getting away from work.’ Photograph: Getty Images

There are so many things to love about working from home. You’ve heard them all before – go on, go ahead and chew your arm off while I recount them ag(...)

‘Plenty of women get the joke that Jodie Whittaker’s first adventure as the new Dr Who will be politely correcting everyone who calls her ‘Nurse’.’ Photograph: Max Nash/AFP/Getty Images

Aha! In a flash, a man has solved the mystery of the gender pay gap. A Very Important Man. A man appointed by the British government to co-chair an in(...)

 John Hurt holds the Gold Giraldillo Award as a tribute to his career during the Sevilla European film festival in Seville in  2009. Photograph: Reuters

John Vincent Hurt, actor, born 22 January 1940, died 27 January 2017 Few British actors of recent years have been held in as much affection as John H(...)

People who want to fulfil their civic duty by voting, but who don’t want to vote for Trump or Clinton, can vote for Mike Maturen

The 2005 Christmas special of the popular Doctor Who television show featured a British prime minister called Harriet Jones, played by Penelope Wilton(...)

Julian Checkley of Order 66 Creatures and Effects in  Galway with his character Grummgar which won a best in show award at the  Star Wars Celebration Europe event in London. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

At almost three metres tall and with each foot weighing 20 kilos, “Grummgar” is not a monster to trifle with on the “Cois Fharraige” road running west(...)

We are in the hands of a maestro. It helps that he’s Italian. Luca can go dreamy-eyed about a Dublin Bay prawn without a hint of a cringe. He’ll tell(...)

Zebediah Kilgrave: David Tennant’s character is better known as Purple Man. Photograph: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

It’s almost a rule that anyone off the television you meet in person turns out to be shorter than you had expected. Not David Tennant: he’s a tall dri(...)

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