We’ve been meeting for eight years and, until the Coronavirus pandemic, we took it in turns to gather in each other’s houses. Photograph: Getty Images

In this Covid-19 public health emergency, how did we allow our bookshops to be deemed non-essential? Reading, I’ve found, is one of the few things tha(...)

   The Truants marks author Kate Weinberg out as a natural storyteller  who spins a decent yarn with lots of smaller yarns along the way

In a characteristically thought-provoking conversation between a lecturer and student in Kate Weinberg’s debut novel The Truants, the writer Agatha Ch(...)

Barbara Bourland:  inventive, colourful writer is one to watch

Barbara Bourland’s takedown of the art world in her second novel Fake Like Me falls somewhere between a masterpiece and a paint-by-numbers poster. Wit(...)

Emily Fridlund: While the two plots might lessen the power of their individual stories, they work well in juxtaposition to highlight the novel’s themes

“What’s the difference between what you think and what you end up doing?” Complex questions around culpability are the crux of Emily Fridlund’s debut (...)

Emma Cline: thought-provoking fiction, intuitive and memorable writing

One of the most hyped debuts of the summer is Emma Cline’s The Girls, a provocative and eloquent coming-of-age tale loosely inspired by the Manson fam(...)

My absolute favourite book this year is The Engagements by J Courtney Sullivan (Virago). A book about love and life and how people change over time(...)