Be Good or Be Gone is ultimately a strange beast

You won’t need to be told that this low-budget Dublin crime drama begins with a vocal by Damien Dempsey – who is to the genre as Curtis Mayfield was t(...)

Nilüfer Yanya: From London via Turkey, the Bahamas and Ireland

Who: Electric Picnic-bound soul musician Where: London Why: Whatever stock you put in the BBC Sound of 2018 poll these days, it’s worth noting whoever(...)

Although he may be best known as co-founder of renowned independent label XL Recordings and the man who discovered Adele, Richard Russell has a backgr(...)

Put yourself in LeRoy Hutson’s position for a second. It’s 1971, you’re fresh out of college, and The Impressions ask you to be the new Curtis Mayfiel(...)

Gingers 4 Jezza: Jeremy Corbyn speaks in Birmingham. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Jeremy Corbyn was halfway through his speech in Eastside City Park, in Birmingham, when the crowd of thousands shifted their gaze to the sky. When a p(...)

A lot of the music that has appeared in this column has come from parts of the world where distribution was the main reason it remained hidden from ou(...)

You can see why Curtis Harding’s debut made such a splash in the US last year. Here’s a lad with the kind of superfly soul, rock, blues, gospel and(...)

Fred Wesley: with George Clinton, ‘the whole gig was relaxed and fun, although the costumes were unorthodox’

Fred Wesley has some tales to tell. He has played, written and recorded alongside James Brown, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, and is the trombo(...)

The Sylvers perform on Soul Train in 1976. Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

It’s time for Soul Train to leave the station again. The classic US black music show introduced TV audiences to a host of r’n’b, soul and hip-hop acts(...)

Wasp factory

As I drove along the banks of the Barrow on my way to Graiguenamanagh, there was a harrying wind driving the leaves from the trees in droves. These le(...)