Curtis Harding: Soul Power | Album Review

Fri, Jan 23, 2015, 00:00


Soul Power

Curtis Harding



You can see why Curtis Harding’s debut made such a splash in the US last year. Here’s a lad with the kind of superfly soul, rock, blues, gospel and funk flair you rarely see these days. The span of his sound is down to his journey from Michigan to Atlanta via spells as a backing singer for Cee Lo Green and punk collabs with members of Black Lips and Mastodon. On Soul Power, you can hear all these different strands come together and work their way into and across a myriad of colourful sounds and grooves. One moment Harding is on a fantastically freaky soul tip (Cruel World), and the next he’s kicking out the blues jams with aplomb (I Don’t Wanna Go Home) before funking it up with ritzy guitars like Curtis Mayfield or Sly Stone at large (Keep On Shining). Emboldened vintage roots music with sass and gumption.