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There are many routes to a third-level qualification. Photograph: iStock

1. January 2019: Register your application with Your first step is to register your intention to seek a CAO college place immediately. If you (...)

Be aware of key dates if applying for college in 2019. Photograph: iStock

January 20th, 2019 (5.15 pm): Closing date for CAO early-bird online applications. A fee of €30 applies before this date and increases then to €45, un(...)

It is perfectly normal to tell your guidance counsellor at this point that you have no idea now what you will do after the Leaving Cert.

Life is a journey of exploration and discovery. Any adult reflecting on their own career journey since leaving school realises that expecting a young (...)

Stan & Ollie follows the comedians’ final years. How closely does it match the reality?

Young people using Yubo – a social network dubbed “Tinder for teens” – may be jeopardising their privacy and leaving themselves at risk , according to(...)

Pictured at the launch of Education Matters Ireland’s Yearbook of Education were from left to right: Brian McCraith President of DCU, Brian Mooney editor of the book, Maurice Manning Chancellor NUI Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Minister for Education Joe McHugh is to slow down the pace of reform in schools on foot of concerns of “initiative overload” among teachers, principal(...)

The only explanation for schools who consistently seem to perform at over the 100 per cent participation rate in CAO college courses is that some of their students are being counted twice. Photograph: iStock

Falling numbers of students taking the Leaving Cert in certain schools affect perceived progression rates to college in an unexpected way. There are(...)

The fact that 16 per cent of school-leavers do not apply for a CAO college place is not an indication of failure. They may be planning to pursue a further-education course, which is more appropriate to their career goals. Photograph: iStock

To make sense of the feeder tables, it is important to understand its component parts, and in particular, the two key numbers associated with each sch(...)

When exploring college options, be aware that the content of the course is only a small part of what you will experience when you arrive on registration day. Photograph: iStock

The realisation that they are reaching the end of the secondary school cycle is often crystallised for sixth-year students when they find themselves w(...)

The campus environment can be a deciding factor for students. Photograph: iStock

Preparation is half the battle in discovering the true nature of a college or course. Research the courses it offers before your visit a college or it(...)

“School refusal” is an issue confronting parents and schools right across the country. Photo: iStock

My happy, carefree child of a few years ago has turned into an anxious, defiant and argumentative young man. He often refuses to go to school, is cons(...)

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