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The Irish baby born today: the First World problem of ‘where will I go on my holidays?’ may be replaced by ‘where is my next meal coming from?’ Photograph: Getty

A new report depicts an ever-depleting natural world, with huge implications for the coming generation. What will their lives be like? Life-supp(...)

Six white-tailed sea eagle chicks have flown from their nests in Ireland in 2016, making it the most successful year yet for a project to re-introduce the birds in the State. Photograph: iStock/Getty.

Six white-tailed sea eagle chicks have flown from their nests in Ireland in 2016, making it the most successful year yet for a project to re-introduce(...)

Sea eagles (like that, above, pictured in Scotland) have been introduced into the Killarney National park from Norway. File image: RSPB/PA

An eagle chick, the first to have hatched on a lake island in Killarney in over 100 years and which was being closely minded by local anglers, has not(...)

Killarney National Park: one of the white-tailed sea eagle chicks  hatched in the park. Photograph: Gareth McCormack/Imagefile

The first white-tailed sea eagles chicks in Co Kerry in over 100 years have successfully flown their nests. One was hatched in Killarney National Park(...)

White-tailed eagle chick in a nest in Co Clare. Photograph: Allan Mee, Golden Eagle Trust

The programme to re-introduce white-tailed eagles in Ireland has been given a boost following the successful hatching of five chicks. Eight pairs of (...)

The dead sea eagle found in her nest only weeks before laying eggs. It’s the 13th poisoning to have occurred since the birds were reintroduced to Connemara

A white-tailed eagle who was just about to lay several eggs died of poisoning at her nest site in Connemara, according to toxicology test results.The (...)

The male bird, which fledged from a nest on the shores of Lough Derg last summer, was discovered starved to death near Ballinderry, North Tipperary. Photograph: Golden Eagle Trust/PA Wire

Extra steps need to be taken to protect white-tailed eagle chicks following the shooting and killing of one of only two Irish bred birds in exi(...)

The incident represents a serious blow to the country’s eagle reintroduction programme which has already been blighted by a series of poisoning incidents.

One of the only two Irish-bred white-tailed eagles has been shot and killed in what Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Jimmy Deeniha(...)

Dr Allan Mee, White-Tailed Eagle Project, right, with Frank McMahon, district conservation officer of NPWS, with “Paudie”, the first white-tailed eagle chick in Ireland in over 110 years. Photograph: Valerie O’Sullivan

It took the wildlife team three hours to walk and climb to the perch high above the scenic lakes of Killarney National Park where they tagged the f(...)