Experts say gonorrhoea has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Photograph: iStock

At least three people worldwide are infected with totally untreatable “superbug” strains of gonorrhoea which they are likely to be spreading to others(...)

There is an increasing emphasis around the world on a rights-based approach to health and education. Photograph: iStock

There is an increasing emphasis around the world on a rights-based approach to health and education and some European countries have gone as far as to(...)

 A Liberian Red Cross burial team retrieves the body of a suspected victim of Ebola in Banjor, on the outskirts of Monrovia. Photograph: EPA/Ahmed Jallanzo

A person in Democratic Republic of Congo who died of a haemorrhagic fever has tested positive for the Ebola virus, signalling the start of a new outbr(...)

Northern European countries have initiation rates as high as 95 per cent, whereas just 57 per cent of Irish mothers even try breastfeeding

Ireland’s breastfeeding rates are abysmally low. According to the recent Breastfeeding in a Healthy Ireland: Health Service Breastfeeding Action Plan (...)

Syrian first aiders and civil defense volunteers hold placards and photos showing victims of the recent alleged chemical attack Khan Sheikhoun. Photograph: Mohammed Badra/EPA

Postmortem results have confirmed that chemical weapons were used in an attack which killed at least 72 people in Syria’s Idlib province, after US pre(...)

A Syrian child received treatment  at a field hospital in Saraqib, Idlib province in northern Syria after a chemical attack. Photograph: Stringer/EPA

US officials dismissed Russia’s assertion on Wednesday that Syrian rebels were to blame for a poison gas attack rather than president Bashar al-Assad,(...)

Making health a priority in companies and leading by example at every level is critical to creating a wellness  culture

In 1965, James Brown declared to the world: “I Feel Good!” and as his song attests, when you feel good you believe you can take on the world and achie(...)

Potatoes and bread cooked at high temperatures for a long time could increase the risk of cancer in people who eat them regularly,  scientists have said. File photograph: Getty Images

Irish authorities are working with the European Commission and member states to set controls on the amount of a potentially cancer-causing substance i(...)

Heavy statistic: some 23 per cent of Irish adults are classified as obese. Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Getty

Imagine sneaking a cigarette into your child’s lunchbox as a “Friday treat”. Picture yourself celebrating a birthday party by laying on a nicotine fea(...)

Drug addicts and prostitutes: Dr Helmut Kentler,  a sex researcher, believed he was giving Berlin’s troubled teens a social anchor while giving paedophiles a chance to become  caring foster parents. Illustration: DFP/MCT via Getty

A mother and her young son board a train and sit opposite a fortysomething man. When they get up to disembark the man’s smile towards the blond boy ta(...)

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