Ebola Virus at 108,000 Magnification: the 162-strong African Group at this round of talks includes two delegates each from Liberia and Guinea and one from Sierra Leone –  the three west African countries most seriously affected by EVD

The UN is on the alert for Ebola as delegates representing 170 countries gathered on Monday at the former German parliament building in Bonn for a we(...)

Illustration: Wildpixel/Getty

Ever since Richard Nixon declared “war on cancer” in 1971, caregivers, patients and the media have used military language to talk about this disease. (...)

A health worker takes the temperature of US marines arriving to take part in Operation United Assistance near Monrovia, Liberia, yesterday. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images

Macedonian authorities have has said they are checking for the Ebola virus in a British man who died within hours of being admitted to hospital in the(...)

File photograph  of a nurse preparing to give a patient a shot from a hypodermic needle, as pregnant women are among those being urged to get the flu vaccine. Photograph: David Cheskin/PA Wire

The Health Service Executive has urged people in at-risk groups to get vaccinated against the flu.Those in the at-risk groups include everyone aged 65(...)

A Liberian burial squad carries the body of a suspected Ebola victim in the slum area of Logan Town outside Monrovia today. Photograph: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

The UN mission to combat Ebola wants to see significant progress in fighting the deadly disease within 60 days, including ensuring that 70 per cent(...)

Pope Francis (right) greets Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as he arrives at St Peter’s Basilica during a celebration for grandparents and the elderly at the Vatican today.  Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Elderly people, including former Pope Benedict, attended a gathering of the wise and wrinkled at the Vatican today, where Pope Francis denounced the n(...)

Ebola is a recurring problem, yet the world seems unprepared. The response has been slow and unco-ordinated. Photograph: EPA/AHMED JALLANZO

Imagine two cities. In City A, town leaders notice that every few weeks a house catches fire. So they create a fire department – a group of profession(...)

People suspected of having Ebola wait in ambulances to be admitted at Redemption Hospital, a makeshift Ebola holding facility in Monrovia, Liberia. Photograph: Daniel Berehulak/The New York Times

US president Barack Obama has called West Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak a looming threat to global security and has announced a major expansion of th(...)

A Liberian man pushes bread past a wall mural part of a sensitisation programme about the deadly Ebola virus in Monrovia, Liberia. Photograph: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

The United States will ramp up its response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa with plans to build 17 treatment centres, train thousands of healthcare(...)

David Sloman of Royal Free Hospital looks on as British Ebola sufferer William Pooley speaks during a press conference yesterday. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

A British man who contracted Ebola in west Africa has been discharged after successful treatment with the experimental ZMapp drug, the Royal Free H(...)

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