British  Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Photograph:  Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Britain’s home secretary, Sajid Javid, has urged his EU counterparts to prepare for the eventuality that current joint policing systems could disconti(...)

British  prime minister Theresa May during  prime minister’s questions  in the House of Commons  on January 9th.  Photograph: AFP Photo/Mark Duffy/Getty Images

Political divisions at Westminster over the UK’s divorce agreement with the EU has brought the possibility of delaying bringing Brexit into play in or(...)

Ricky Cowan of Mourne Runners and chairman of the Northern Ireland Mountain Runners Association in action
Mountains for all the ages
  • Fitness
  • September 19, 2017, 06:00

With Dublin’s Phoenix Park dating from the 17th century, our forbears grasped the importance of open green spaces for city dwellers. In 2003, the term(...)

Whether the green area is a city park or a country forest, we still get health effects from exercising. Photograph: iStock

A peek out the door before 7am on a cold Monday revealed a man entering his apartment across the way in shorts, with his duffel bag over his shoulder,(...)

The Re:publica technology event in Dublin started on Thursday morning: The festival, originating in Berlin, has grown from a 700-person meeting of bloggers in its first year to an annual three-day event which drew 8,000 people last May.

Technology has the power to transform how human rights are delivered but it also has the power to discriminate and create a chilling effect on democra(...)

I am getting really tired of advocates of state-funded childcare who make claims along the lines that long-term studies show that every €1 invested in early quality care and education will deliver €7 in improved outcomes. Those studies were conducted on disadvantaged children

During his budget speech, the Minister for Public Expenditure said that investment in childcare has both social and economic returns. It allows people(...)

Ukip believes this can be its breakthrough election, but the first-past-the-post system may yet undo the party’s electoral ambitions. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Standing before an audience in the Institute of Government overlooking The Mall near Buckingham Palace on Thursday morning, Dr Stephen Fisher from Tri(...)

A photograph of the People’s Democracy civil rights march from Belfast to Derry which was attacked at Burntollet Bridge. Photograph from the NUIG Boyle Archive

When a young Co Down student visited Detroit at the height of the US civil rights movement in the early 1970s, he was struck by the treatment of black(...)

Children are often fed up with sandwich bread and the same old fillings that remind them of school days. Think about colour to entice them, with their lunch boxes and the food you put in them. Photograph: Thinkstock

Last month Michelle Obama undertook yet again to fight attempts to delay enforcement of US school lunch nutrition standards. The Washington Post repor(...)

Facebook has become less trendy in recent years, as more parents send friend requests to their children, and competing social networks increasingly ho(...)

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