Billy Hutchinson  told the conference the PUP believed “a deal will be done” on Brexit. Photograph: Twitter/@OfficialPUP

An all-embracing unionist forum is urgently needed in response to calls for a Border poll on Irish unity, delegates at the Progressive Unionist Party’(...)

The DUP remains opposed to a UK or Northern Ireland only Brexit backstop and anything that ‘traps’ Northern Ireland in the EU single market or customs union, Arlene Foster  has said. Photograph: Aaron Chown/PA Wire.

The DUP remains opposed to a UK or Northern Ireland only Brexit backstop and anything that “traps” Northern Ireland in the single market or customs un(...)

DUP leader Arlene Foster has been christened “two borders Foster” by the Ulster Unionist Party. How much longer will her authority last?  Photograph: David Young/PA

In 2015, towards the end of a previous Stormont crisis, then Democratic Unionist Party leader and first minister Peter Robinson found himself in a cor(...)

Robin Swann returned to the broad-church approach but suddenly this has run out of time. Photograph: Peter Morrison/PA Wire

Does it matter any more who leads the Ulster Unionist Party? The question arises because Robin Swann, its leader for the past two years, has announced(...)

‘People often look at the mess the DUP has made of Brexit and ask why the party did not see it coming, but it is much worse than that: the DUP saw it all coming and made a mess of it anyway.’

The Democratic Unionist Party has five weeks to perform arguably the biggest U-turn in Northern Ireland’s history, and certainly the fastest. It is h(...)

An additional £1.35 million is being provided this year for suicide-prevention services in the North. Photograph: iStock

The Northern Ireland department of health has published a new suicide-prevention strategy that aims to reduce the level of suicide in the North by 10 (...)

Unionist leaders have accused Taoiseach Leo Varadkar of not being prepared to sit down and discuss Brexit directly with them. After British prime min(...)

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Gerry Adams (above) and Martin McGuinness began driving forward the policy of the Armalite and the ballot box. Photograph: Pat Langan

The difference between the politics of a quarter of a century and a half a century ago in Northern Ireland is that in 1969, there was a single-party u(...)


On the Shankill Road in Belfast, the streets still lie strewn with the red, white and blue bunting from the Twelfth of July festivities. A gaggle of (...)

(From left)  Lord Empey, Robin Swann and Steve Aiken of the Ulster Unionist Party outside Stormont Parliment buildings. Photograph: PA

A former Ulster Unionist Party leader has proposed the creation of a new North-South ministerial body as a means of monitoring and regulating trade ac(...)

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