Witches Yew tree, Blarney Castle, Co Cork: Legend has it that a witch, who first told mortals of the Blarney stone’s power, is imprisoned in the stone at the base of the Witches Yew.

Five trees are in the running to be deemed Ireland’s best as part of a Europe-wide competition. The Tree Council of Ireland which is an education and(...)

Triona Noonan  in her garden in Dun Laoghaire with some of her prized alpine and rock plants Photo Credit Richard Johnston

Say the words “rock gardening” to most young(ish) gardeners and they’re likely to gently wrinkle their noses and shake their heads in amused bewilderm(...)

A dead bank vole

I recently found this little creature dead on our path. The body was 7cm long and the tail 3cm. It didn’t look like a field mouse or a dormouse. – Joe(...)

“The hazards of the season also include inebriated birds, flying into buildings or falling out of trees because they’ve had one too many.” Photograph: Andrew Howe/iStock

It’s not only humans who have a tendency to get drunk this time of year, apparently. The hazards of the season also include inebriated birds, flying i(...)

Cherries, like any fruit, need heat and warmth to produce sugars

Though we have two cherry trees that are native to Ireland, neither of them provide us with the Irish cherries that we use in the restaurant at the mo(...)

Stephen Butler must create a sense of horticultural realism without poisoning the animals.

The next time you find yourself grimacing at the damage that pigeons have done to your brassica plants, or shedding an angry tear for baby seedlings g(...)

Community gardener Maeve Foreman hoeing weeds in one of the raised beds belonging to Mud Island Community Garden in Dublin

As young or youngish gardeners, we rarely stop to wonder what it would feel like to suffer from a sore back, or diminishing mobility, or fading eyesig(...)

Kilkenny Castle and John’s Bridge when  the  city was announced as  the Irish Tidy Town winner in 2014. Photograph: Pat Moore.

I recently received a heartfelt email from a reader who shall remain nameless, wondering whether someone could implore “the TidyTowns people to be mor(...)

ESB spokesman Pat O’Doherty said “ESB Tree Week provides an opportunity to remind people why trees matter”.

A third of Irish children have never climbed a tree, according to parents, and almost one in 10 have never visited a forest or wooded area. Figures c(...)

A massed planting of Betula ‘Fascination’ in Helen Dillon’s Dublin front garden. Photograph: Richard Johnston
Gardening: Time to hug the trees

I am a tree hugger. In fact, I might as well nail my colours to the mast right now and say that I see nothing wrong – and an awful lot right – with(...)

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