Banned dildo: Lora DiCarlo’s Osé massager has been barred from the International Consumer Electronics Show

The developers of a female-focused sex toy are alleging gender bias after the organisers of the International Consumer Electronics Show revoked an inn(...)

A blue whale: the animals became giants when climate change turned them into binge-eaters, scientists have learned. Photograph: Silverback Films/BBC/PA Wire

Whales are big. Really big. Enormously big. Tremendously big. Fin whales can be 63 tonnes (63,000kg). Bowhead whales tip the scales at 90 tonnes. And(...)

Crew members on the US coast guard cutter Sequoia in Guam. Photograph: Dylan Hall

Could anything be as silent as the deepest depths of the world’s oceans? Actually, yes. It turns out the ocean floor is quite a noisy place because o(...)

Large carnivores have already been exterminated in many developed regions, including western Europe and eastern United States : Oregon State University/PA Wire

A plea to restore populations of some of the world’s most dangerous animals has been made by scientists who claim the loss of large carnivores is dama(...)