Banned in NYC: ducklings at Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm in New York state. Photograph: Don Emmert/AFP via Getty

Last week New York City Council passed a ban on foie gras, the French delicacy made by force-feeding ducks and geese, to go into effect in 2022. From(...)

Dusty Springfield.  Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

With homosexuality illegal until 1993 in Ireland, gender identity was an important factor in the migration of Irish people from the early modern perio(...)

The overwhelming scientific consensus is that the spooky-sounding singularity will occur this century, possibly around 2050. File photograph: Getty Images/Photo Researchers RM

God be with the days when AI meant a fella coming to get the cows pregnant. Now it’s about the possible extinction of the human race. Artificial inte(...)

Easter Rising Way: some 300 people turned out for the renaming of the pedestrian walkway in Queens

New York has a new street: Easter Rising Way. The “step street” in Maspeth in the borough of Queens was officially unveiled at a naming ceremony on S(...)

Currently known as “step street”, Easter Rising Way will be a pedestrian staircase that runs along 53rd Avenue, from 65th Place to 64th Street in west Queens.

New York is to name a street to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising. “Easter Rising Way” in Maspeth, Queens will be named in a formal ceremony on(...)

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly: told New York gathering it was “no accident” the US was the only country mentioned in  1916 Proclamation: five of  seven signatories  had spent time in  US. Photograph: James Higgins

Matthias “Matty” Reilly does not believe that the 1916 Proclamation will be fully realised until there is a united Ireland. The 75-year-old Fermana(...)

Bill de Blasio at the Irish consulate on Park Avenue in New York. Photograph: Simon Carswell

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has hailed the opening up of the Manhattan St Patrick’s Day parade to openly gay groups as a “beautiful day,” sayin(...)

A file photograph of gay activists displaying signs along the St Patrick’s Day parade route in New York in protest at being excluded from the annual event. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is ending a two-year boycott of Manhattan’s St Patrick’s Day parade and has agreed to march this year after organi(...)

Planet Business

Image of the week: E-smoke gets in your eyes New job title alert: “Vapologist”, as seen on the white coat of the man standing behind the bar at t(...)

Christine Callaghan Quinn, the 47-year-old speaker of the New York City Council, wants to be seen as a member of the fighting Irish. Photograph: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

A well-dressed man at the West 72nd Street subway entrance stops to take one of the fliers Christine Quinn is handing out.“You don’t seem quite as evi(...)