“Range anxiety remains a problem with electric vehicles,” said Vinny Kearns, chief executive of Xpert Taxis. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Shane Ross’s scheme to persuade taxi drivers to switch to electric cars has been dismissed as a failure as newly disclosed figures show just seven dri(...)

The Luas Green Line at Dunville Avenue and Beechwood Road, Ranelagh. The National Transport Agency’s plans  “will be the start of the demise of Dunville Avenue as a retail area”, says Gary Morton of nearby Morton’s Food Store

“They’re going to upset the whole ecology of the area, closing off Dunville Avenue, ” says Gerry Griffin. He and many other people who live or work(...)

Luas in Dublin city centre: cars are necessary but too many are bad. Towns designed for cars rather than people don’t work. It is essential we strike the right balance. Photograph: David Sleator

Submissions on the joint Dublin City Council/National Transport Agency transport proposals were due by August 7th, and almost immediately after that t(...)